Perfect and Faded


These shorts. The shorts that I wore almost every day during the summer. Right before the extreme Texas heat came out, I was searching for the perfect pair of shorts. My requirements were: - frayed - covers my butt - doesn't cut off the circulation around my waist when I sit down - doesn't cut … [Read more...]

Diversity Chic: Retro Vibes


Aaaaand it's the last day of August. How did that happen?! I feel like the year JUST started. All of a sudden fall fashion is emerging and the all the kids are back in school. It's starting to be quite the busy time of the year, but I'm glad I always get the chance to hang out with these beautiful … [Read more...]



Four words sum up my feelings this week: WHERE. DID. TIME. GO? I still remember the constant baby snuggles and cuddles, and me saying "thank goodness school is not a worry for me right now. We'll cross that bridge when we get there." Welp. I'm currently standing on said bridge. And I have trouble … [Read more...]